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// Textile Workshop - St. Dominic’s Priory School Stone //

Textile workshop with year 8 children at St. Dominic’s Priory School Stone, was very nervous about doing this workshop as it was my first one! It went really well and the girls seemed to enjoy it which is always a good sign.

// Bradley Quilt Exhibition //

Quilting exhibition in home village Bradley, mine was defiantly the most modern. Not sure if the grannies understood it!! The other quilts entered were very tradtional!! Good experience though, something for the CV!

// Make-up bag from recycled old sails!! //

I tracked down some old sails and thought I would put them to use, not by sailing with them but making bags out of them. I produced this make-up bag with zip and inner lining and plan to make a whole lot more including cushions, bunting and wash bags!! I just hope now that people will like them and sell well!!

// Uttoxeter Craft Fair//

Went to Uttoxeter Craft Fair yesterday, saw some lovely little things but I didnt buy anything, I was hoping to get some inspiration for my own work, dont know if this happened but I know I want to be more productive!!

// Cool little purses and make-up bags in Stafford Art Gallery//

Women card images on polka dot bags and purses, very orgianl, found in Stafford Art Gallery, by an artist called Miss Budd, she had also made some silk scarfs too.

// The Recyled Suit Cushion //

The recyled suit cushion I made a while ago now, dad was throwing out his old suits so I thought I would put them to use and create this. Dont know whether its a like-able or sellable product but I made it anyway and now dont really know what to do with it.

// Cute homemade hearts //

I have always made hearts, one of my specialities, I sold these the other day, friends and family tend to receive gifts I have made for christmas and birthday. Great gift ideas!!

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